Posted by: Gentry | October 25, 2007

Joe Szwaja at Wallingford Forum, Jean Godden Campaigning on City Time?


Joe Szwaja showed up early and stayed late talking to the neighbors in Wallingford on Tuesday night. The crowd was lively, and took all the candidates to task on everything from parks to transit. Some of the most lively exchanges came from Tim Burgess and David Della, who traded barbs throughout the evening. While Joe Szwaja was accused by Jean Godden of being a “big guy,” which made little sense to many of us in the room, and showed how she would poke him in the ribs with a pen if he got in her way. A weird moment in the evening to be sure.

Joe made it clear that his support comes from people not corporations, while Jean has taken tens of thousands of dollars from her developer friends, a point she made clear in the KUOW piece on the race for position one which aired on Tuesday as well…. If you haven’t heard the KUOW interview yet, check it out here online:

I was impressed by the number of people in the room who came up to Joe after the event saying they had either already voted for him, or were going to, with statements like, “my grandson was in your class at Nova”. Joe’s support from Nova students, parents and grandparents is apparent in every neighborhood in Seattle.

Update Wednesday Morning:

The Paper Noose Blog has published a lengthy post on Jean Godden’s Campaigning on the City Clock… something Joe was talking about at the forum Tuesday night. Check it out here:



  1. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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