Posted by: buckywunder | September 23, 2007

Joe Speaks At Dr. Dan’s Biodiesel & Espresso Express Grand Opening

Joe Szwaja spoke at the grand opening of Dr. Dan’s and Espresso Express’ new joint venture business in Seattle. The new biodiesel pump and espresso stand at 65th Street and 15th Avenue NE, north of the UW, officially opened on September 21. The station, which allows for patrons to pay for their biodiesel at the point of purchase, is different from Dan Freeman’s pay-in-advance system at his original Ballard fueling station.   

In his remarks, Joe made sure to stress the importance of sustainability as the market for biofuels heats up. The emerging demand is growing faster than the care taken to ensure that the biodiesel is sourced nationally or by area farmers in environmentally-friendly ways. The controversy comes from palm oil-based biodiesel being produced in Asia that is then shipped to the U.S. and Europe for consumption. This market is being driven by holes in current law and agriculture subsidies that reward these practices. Not surprisingly, there are local financial interests taking part in fueling this market. 

As part of his platform, Joe thinks that one of the priorities of the city council is to encourage the growth in sustainable enterprises. In fact, three of the ten key values of the Green Party are represented by this business:  1) ecological wisdom (with sustainable practices), 2) community-based economics (in a business that supports local farmers) and 3) a focus on the future.


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