Posted by: Gentry | September 6, 2007

Back on the campaign trail with Joe Szwaja and his son Engel


“Today, I went to the labor picnic at the Woodland Park Zoo with my father. I’ve been here in Seattle for a few days and have been glad to find his campaign thriving. Joe was at his best today with the labor folks; as one would expect, most were more than sympathetic to the issues his campaign has raised. Several signed up to volunteer and offered to put up yard signs.”


“For me though, the event also brought back memories so many similar gatherings I had to attend as a child. Joe would take me when I was very young to the Labor Day picnic at the Madison, WI labor temple; I mostly remember the large tents and the brats ubiquitous at such events in Wisconsin. When I was a teenager, he sent me to what we called “labor camp,” a week-long summer camp organized by the Washington Labor Federation to teach young people about collective bargaining. When I worked for the city in Madison during college, old union folks remembered well his staunchly pro-union record on the city council.”


“I’m glad to have been able to be of some help here these last couple of weeks and expect my father’s campaign to gain steam in the coming weeks.”






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