Posted by: Gentry | August 20, 2007

Some Highlights From the Past Week


House Parties

The house parties have been moving through Seattle at a rapid clip. This Sunday several more house parties gave Joe Szwaja a chance talk to supporters one on one.

A great big thanks so far to all the supporters who’ve made this campaign the campaign to watch in the primaries. The house parties have been a great way to energize the campaign and drive momentum going into the primaries.


Green Drinks Seattle

“Green drinks Seattle was a great event for me personally, as a Joe supporter. I wore my Joe T-Shirt, and though I typically don’t do my best networking in this type of meet and great with so many people (like 200+ people in a gallery), the T-Shirt made my introductions for me.  Wearing a Joe Szwaja T-Shirt in this town is one of the easiest ways I’ve ever made friends in a crowd.”

— From Gentry

Sign waving for Joe, an Email from a Supporter

“The feedback from drivers and bicyclists has been most encouraging – lots of honks, waves and thumbs up (or is it thumb ups?).  I’m delighted that Joe has so much support and name recognition even before the primary…. ”

“My favorite sign-waving spot so far was on the north end of the Fremont bridge.  I thought for a minute I was in Amsterdam with so many bicyclists going by.  It was a most environmentally friendly spot with all the bicycles, bus riders and small cars – perfect Joe territory. I feel privileged to have the time to wave a sign for Joe on street corners.  Joe can really make a change in our fair city.”

–From Cecile


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