Posted by: buckywunder | August 15, 2007

Sign-waving in Ballard

You gotta work for it!

I spent last evening and this morning sign-waving for Joe at 15th and Market in Ballard. Cecile was there yesterday morning and we drove past with our “Joe For Council” car magnet fully exposed (on the way to the airport) and gave her the thumb’s up. 

Good responses, primarily last evening. Lots of knowing smiles, thumbs up and honking. A few people I know just happened to drive past and honked as well. It is a very visible location and I hope to do this at least once a day (either drive time a.m. or p.m.) this week and next Monday.  

The two most common questions from pedestrian passersby?

Are you Joe? (Answer: No, but I *am* a F-O-J (friend of Joe!). He’s as big as I am but has twice as much muscle.)

How do you say his name? (Answer: “Swi-ah” — rhymes with “Hi ya.” I never remember to tell them to look for the YouTube video.)


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