Posted by: buckywunder | August 15, 2007

Joe is a l-e-a-d-e-r

On Monday, I received a bulk email from a national candidate for President of the United States (POTUS). This particular candidate – to their credit – was doing a bus tour across Iowa using B20 biodiesel and tying this “clean fuel” usage to his “clean money” pledge to fuel his campaign.  

The first thing I thought was: Joe was already on this bus.  

The single most important factor in my currently owning and driving a VW Golf TDI with biodiesel was that I had gotten a ride from Joe Szwaja and Deb Morrison several years ago. Not knowing at the time that I live about six blocks from Dr. Dan’s Fuelwerks in Ballard, Joe and Deb stopped there before dropping me off at home. Having been a member of and worked with food cooperatives, I was intrigued with the DIY aspect of fueling up a car with vegetable matter a few blocks from my house – and fighting global warming right away without having to get a brand new, expensive hybrid vehicle.

Within a half year, I had my Golf. 

On the not small matter of voter-owned elections, Joe has embraced its ethic by taking the pledge of Washington Public Campaigns to support clean elections initiatives as they are voted upon and enacted down in Olympia (due to past voter initiatives, local elections funding laws must be passed by the state legislature before local directions can take shape or be changed). In the meantime and unlike his well-funded opponent, Joe is not accepting PAC money by local groups and is being supported almost entirely by individual donations. 

My point is: Joe has already been there, done that. He is a clean candidate fueling his campaign with clean money that is beholden to no one other than the citizens and electorate of Seattle. Joe is the very epitome of a leader.  


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