Posted by: szwaja | August 12, 2007

Mail from Supporters of Joe Szwaja

Joe Szwaja supporters on Aurora Ave GreenlakeL

Letters and emails from supporters really help keep you focused in a campaign for office. If you’ve ever run for office, you know what a tremendous amount of work it is, and you’ll also know how impossible running for office would be without help. Volunteers make all the difference, and it’s really humbling to see how the campaign grows along the way.

Here’s an email from two of my friends and supporters:

We’ve known Joe for years when one of us heard him speak about the tragedy of East Timor, at the time still under brutal U.S. supported occupation by Indonesia. Joe was the guiding energy in our little Seattle chapter of ETAN– the East Timor Action Network–which worked to change U.S. policy on this issue.

More recently we’ve witnessed Joe’s resourcefulness and tireless commitment as a member of SETRA– the Seattle/East Timor Relief Association– which morphed from ETAN after East Timor gained independence. SETRA fundraising has resulted in substantial donations to two health clinics and a school in East Timor. Joe has been a vital part of this–especially in the formation of a sister school in East Timor with Joe’s high school, Nova. He’s taken a class to Timor as well as several to Guatemala.

Joe’s involvement in social justice issues shows him to be a person who truly cares about other people. He’s a “doer”, who follows up conviction with concrete action, always directed toward making this a better world. On the city council, we feel confident he would direct this same boundless energy toward making Seattle a better place for all!

Neil Planert & Pam Shea


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