Posted by: Gentry | July 31, 2007

Joe Szwaja attends Seafair Parade

Seafair Joe Szwaja

On Sunday, July 22 we joined thousands of people at the annual Seafair Parade. As Joe dashed from side to side in order to meet as many supporters as possible, people cheered him on and relished the chance to speak with him briefly. A group of Seafair Pirates were especially ardent and vociferous in their support of Joe, waving swords and rallying the crowds for Joe Szwaja.

It’s been a great few weeks for the campaign, and we’ve had many good events lately. But as we head into the August Primary, a great big thanks  to everyone who has helped out so far!



  1. I was one of Joe’s volunteers who walked, er, RAN along the parade route with Joe. He tired me out just watching him run from side to side the entire length of the parade!

    It made such an impression with parade viewers that one person remarked, “Did the other candidate come by? I don’t even remember seeing her.”

    This was the first parade that I had ever walked in and I was proud to do it for Joe. Lots of energy and good responses from people along the way. We gave out over 2,000 pieces of literature and many hands were shook.

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