Posted by: Gentry | July 28, 2007

Will Szwaja take Godden’s Council Seat?

The Papernoose, a local political blog, recently contacted the campaign, to ask a few questions of Joe. Read the whole article online at

Will Szwaja take Godden’s Council Seat?

How do you call a race between an underdog and someone who has no legacy or leadership accomplishments as an incumbent? It’s a tough one. Jean Godden defeated Judy “Strippergate” Nicastro four years ago, but not by a huge margin–only 54% to 46%, and was only able to run on the shortcomings of the incumbent, rather then a platform of what real change could come about. Well, Godden, to her credit, wasn’t about change, which is okay by some, but she promised to bring “maturity” to the council. Has she succeeded?

Based upon that, I won’t predict a win at this point, but I’ll go as far as to say Szwaja will match Nicastro’s 46% when all is said and done, which will put a progressive square in the camp of “respectable candidate” territory. The 43rd district has already dumped Godden. A defeat for Godden cannot be ruled out.

Read the rest of the article here.


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