Posted by: szwaja | July 16, 2007

West Seattle Summer Fest


It was great to see one of my former students at the West Seattle Summer Festival this weekend, Erin Skipper. Erin now works at a non- profit in West Seattle and was very happy to support our campaign, it was great to hear that she is working for the good of her community.

One of the campaign’s biggest sources of support is former students and their parents. I’m proud to have played a role in inspiring hundreds of student to make a positive difference in the world as a result of my 14 years a Seattle school teacher. If elected, I think a big part of part of my job will still be to lead by example and inspire others to give of themselves for the common good. As a teacher I helped my school – Nova – to cut our energy usage by over 20% a year. As a city council person I hope to do the same thing – starting with at least 4% carbon reduction emissions per year neighborhood by neighborhood to help us contribute to climate change solutions that will make our city more livable and our world more sustainable.

We had a great reception from the hundreds of West Seattle voters we talked to and it was great to be there with Viv Monahan, a West Seattle resident who has worked with me on issues of human rights and fair trade. We heard from a lot of people that West Seattle feels left out on transit solutions and that folks feel that the City Council is spending too much time and money on vanity projects like the trolley and tunnel, instead of providing basic services to all of our neighborhoods.

If elected, I pledge to prioritize funds to nurture our neighborhoods and take no money from the wealthy development interests who keep getting voted more and more tax give always by the incumbent and Mayor.


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