Posted by: Gentry | July 12, 2007

Blue and Green Ideas from City Councils around the World

The Santa Cruz City Council has approved a new paid city staff position to be known as the global warming coordinator. According to the article:

The idea for the global warming coordinator was developed by city and community leaders through the process of updating the general plan, a state-mandated blueprint that helps shape how Santa Cruz will look in the next 20 years. A key component of the new general plan, still being written, is an aggressive approach to preventing global warming by requiring standards for new businesses, housing and infrastructure, Larson said.

It’s an interesting idea to say the least. Here’s another idea about reducing the non-essential uses of pesticides, from Canada:

Peterborough has been a model of a healthy partnership of government and community in many things environmental and its pesticide bylaw shows it right from the second whereas – “the council of the City of Peterborough desires to respond to the concerns expressed by city residents about the health risks associated with the use of pesticides.”

It’s one of the shortest bylaws – “The application or use of a pesticide is prohibited within the boundaries of the City of Peterborough” followed by a few rational exceptions like controlling pests that are a threat to human health. No forms or applications or registries. And if your neighbour appears to be using prohibited chemicals, do you run up the city expenses by calling on a by-law officer? No, you call Peterborough Green Up to give your neighbour a Green Garden Visit – a yard and garden consultation complete with factsheets and advice on chemical-free lawn care and soil health. This is only one part of the work of the 15-year-old community organization in providing education, services, resources and support “to enable citizens to take up environmentally healthy lifestyle habits”.

Makes sense to me. Send in the cops, or send in the Green Up Garden visitor with some knowledge? I’ll bet education is more economical then enforcement anyway.

Interesting Blue and Green Ideas from City Councils around the World is not an endorsement of policy by the Joe Szwaja campaign for Seattle City Council – But is a regular feature of this blog for educational and research purposes for our supporters and others seeking progressive change at the grassroots level.


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