Posted by: szwaja | July 10, 2007

Joe Szwaja on Sustainable Development and Neighborhoods

Joe talks about development

This is a new housing development in my neighborhood that illustrates some of the problems with a lot of the new devlopment going on in Seattle. This parcel is being subdivided to make way for three new houses – this is good in one sense as it promotes density. More compact city-living is one step in creating a sustainable Seattle environment. But on the other hand, this development, like lots of new projects in Seattle, clear cut the lot, removing a large number of shade trees, and a overtime this type of development style contributes to making Seattle less livable. When one of my fellow neighbors asked the builder if he could at least leave a few feet of the older trees on the lot, he was told in no uncertain terms that there was absolutely no plan for perserving existing trees during the project.

As a city council member, I would support laws to preserve at least a modicum of existing tree cover which is just one important step in keeping Seattle liveable far into our future.


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