Posted by: szwaja | July 9, 2007

Support for Joe’s Neighborhood Sustainability Plan Grows


From P-patches to organic gardens, Seattle is awash with people who walk their talk. As a councilmember, I would work to establish neighborhood councils that would work independently to meet targeted goals in their own unique way. The city of Seattle is a vast and underutilized sea of progressives that could be encouraged, and have been encouraged in the past, to use the neighborhood councils to increase the livability of the city. We can do it again.

From Global Warming to each neigborhood’s unique Transit needs, I believe Seattle can lead the way by unleashing the creative spirit of each neighborhood. Combined with our unique position at the forefront of technology, science, and scholarship, Seattle is always on the verge of a progressive revolution… but never quite gets there. Together let’s put Seattle back on a path of urban oasis, rather than massive congestion, density and sprawl.


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